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Do Duluth Bikers Need Year-Round Motorcycle Insurance?

Winter is approaching, and for many bikers, this means it’s time to winterize and put up their motorcycles for the season. Not everyone enjoys cruising in the bitter cold on icy roads. A sensible person might ask whether I need to carry year-round insurance on my bike over winter. In short, yes. Let’s review some critical details about motorcycle insurance in Duluth, MN to help you make the best choice for your ride. 

It’s a Minnesota Requirement

At the very least, all motorcycles in Minnesota must carry liability protection, and this only covers property damage or bodily injury when you are at fault. Your bank or lien holder, should you have one, might also require you to carry collision and comprehensive to protect their interest. 

Additional Coverage Options

  • Collision – Covers damage to your bike
  • Comprehensive – Covers damage to your bike not originating from a crash – like weather events, theft, fire, and vandalism
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage – Covers damages not caused by you when the other driver does not have any or sufficient coverage
  • Customization – If you’ve invested in custom, aftermarket parts on your motorcycle, make sure your coverage is sufficient to repair or replace them if they are damaged. 
  • Lay-Up Policy – In some cases, you can acquire lay-up coverage while your bike is in storage for the winter months. This reduces your policy premiums but retains ongoing coverage for the risk you still maintain – comprehensive.

Saving Coin 

Aside from considering a lay-up policy, when available, remember that insurance companies sometimes extend discounts for continuous coverage. Meaning it may cost you more, in the long run, to drop coverage over the winter. In addition, you may be able to receive discounts for including multiple bikes on your policy, installing anti-theft devices, or taking safety courses. The best way to discover potential savings is to reach out to Deluxe Insurance Group (Duluth) today and ensure you have the best coverage for your coin.

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