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Is Your Ski Gear Covered by Boat Insurance?

Boating is much more fun when you add skiing to your routine. However, is your gear covered by your insurance company? At Deluxe Insurance Group (Duluth), we can help Duluth, MN residents understand these concerns and avoid running into problems as a result of an accident.

Your Gear Is Covered 

Boat insurance is designed to handle various elements and items within your boat, making sure that they are paid for fully and with minimal issues. This fact is true of skiing gear. If you get into a crash and your gear is damaged, you will be protected from loss.

That said, there are times when your policy might not handle this type of loss. In this situation, it is important to do what you can to understand what might happen otherwise. Typically, these scenarios are thankfully quite rare.

When It Might Not Be Covered 

If you leave your ski gear in your boat when storing it and someone steals it, or it gets damaged by weather, you are not covered. Your insurance covers your items when you are using the boat. However, some types of situations may also be handled, depending on your policy.

In these rare situations, it is wise to talk to your insurance agent to see if you’re covered. Doing so can help to ensure that you get the high-quality help that you need. And you can avoid having to get so many repairs on your skiing equipment, too.

Help is Available

At Deluxe Insurance Group (Duluth), we help Duluth, MN area residents get the high-quality boat insurance that they need to keep their watercraft safe. So, if you’re concerned about this situation and want to minimize any confusion that you may have, call us today to learn more. 

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